February 8, 2023
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Hot! This App Will Change the Way You Party


A good cocktail is often the predecessor to a good party. This much is true. But, tech and parties? Not so much unless you count questionable late night shenanigans but Absolut is gearing to change that with the launch of their new app, Hoppr. The app works by connecting wanna hostess with eager party-goers. Essentially, anyone with access to Facebook account, who is hosting a party can open their celebration to people deem worthy of an invite. So anyone looking to have a night out without the hassle of guest lists this might be an unique way to score hot list invites.

To use Hoppr, simply log into their webpage using your Facebook account and search for parties in the NYC area using the map. From the webpage, you can also create your own event. See guest lists for open events, see what invites have been sent to you and other clever functions.

To celebrate the launch of the new app, the Absolut hosted an event at L.E.S newly opened Mr. Purple Rooftop, where naturally guests scored coveted invites via the app.

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