October 18, 2018

Hot! Tweet This Giveaway and Promotion: Sculptz Tights

The Fabulous Report loves Sculptz;  The tights are shapewear after all and we love that here.   What sets Sculptz apart from the competition,  is the brands great selection of colors and styles;  plus they really are comfortable.

For a limited time only, Sculptz is offering TFR readers a special discount code that will entitle you to a 40% off discount towards all purchases on Sculptz.com, plus free shipping.   Use code B919 at checkout to obtain the discount. Sadly,  all good times must come to end and this to must end.  The offer will expire on  Thursday, April 15 at Sculptz.com.   Get your shopping on,  before its too late.

But, wait one lucky reader will win her very own pair of Sculptz.  To win you can retweet this post or join our mailing list.  Is that easy.  Winner for the Giveaway will be announced on Monday, April 20.

(Sorry this offer is only open to US Residents!),

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  1. That is like giving it away for free!!!! I am sending this to all of my girls! Loveage, Ameila