April 13, 2021
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Hot! Marcella Precise Chats Music, Motivation, Beauty and More

The producing duo of “Lady And A Tramp,” may not instantly recognizable to you but the duo has help create music for some of the industry biggest names. They’ve worked with such notable names like Pink, Luther Vandross, Jaheim, and even co-wrote/produce music for the “Princess Dairies” film. We recently caught with Marcella Precise, the Lady of the duo “Lady and a Tramp,” were we discussed their pending projects. We also chatted about her business motivation, beauty regime and yes music. Read on.

TFR: Tell TheFabulousReport.com (TFR) about yourself.

Marcella: I’m Marcella Precise. The Lady of the Songwriter/Producer duo, Lady And A Tramp (Terence “Trampbaby” Abney is the other half). Life is good. We have lots of fun working in music, movies and television. Lady And A Tramp co-wrote/produced music in the film Princess Dairies, Noel Gourdin’s The River, the Martin Lawrence family classic film Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins,  and for the infamous Charlie Wilson and a host of other folks. We’ve produced television and radio commercials for products ranging from Sprite to Kool Aid, and a host of others including State Farm. We co-wrote the first South African Hip Hop commercial of it’s kind, for a Guinness Malta healthy beverage, that my lyrics gestured them to entitle The Goodness. We’re currently working with producers in & out of the U.S. on some pretty cool releases.

What’s in your iPod right now? What album would people be most surprised to find in your iPod? And, what’s your favorite album right now?

MUSIC IS LIFE! I am jamming to a Micro Mix EP, which we produced for one of our new artists named, Rocki Evans. His first musical release “Fantastic” off the Will.I.Am. Inspired entitled, More Songs About Girls tells great stories of Loves found and Loves lost.

There are so many wonderful musicians. The German group Tokio Hotel is one of my favorites. They are a variety of up tempos that I love right now. “All I Do (Is Think About You)” by Stevie Wonder, “PYT” by Micheal Jackson, “Something Better Remix” by Maad*Moiselle with Amanda Blank and myself along with “Eenie Meenie” by Justin Beiber with Sean Kingston are cool tunes for me right now. Albums on my ipod wouldn’t surprise anyone. Tramp and I,  are known to listen great music overall and not be held by genre names. Congrats to anyone that able to express themselves through their love of The Arts. I love cords, content, life connection and essence of song too much, to limit myself. I listen to Taylor Swift and the LMAFO boys [when I am not listening to] Jaheim’s soulful yet inspirational jam that I co-wrote entitled, “Till It Happens To You” off his latest album Another Round.

“Another Round” entered the charts as the #3 album in the country.  How did Lady And A Tramp & Jaheim link up to work on this new album?

We (Lady And A Tramp), had the pleasure of working [with Jaheim] on other albums (Makings Of A Man and Ghetto Classics) since his first multi-platinum release of Ghetto Love. The day he met me, he asked me to do a song with him. We were able to vibe and reminisce during his first day in the studio. We have major fun when the team gets together even if it’s for work. His growth and desire to be his best always amazes me.

Lady And A Tramp, co-wrote/produced five cuts on the his latest release that includes the Number 1 billboard single “Ain’t Leavin Without You”, The Remix, the wedding anthem “In My Hands” and a tune that appreciates the essence of a woman entitled “Her.”

You are so positive, your twitter page is a testament to that. How do you keep that positive energy? Tell us, we want to know.

Awww, your too sweet. Thank you. I am truly just being me and happy to connect with other warm spirited people. My outlook in life begins within. I aim to feel grateful from the moment I wake up. There are some people who did not wake up this morning. A higher power than myself is guiding and I am seeing the signs in my life. I listen to the reasons to go forth and be optimistic. Certain issues are more important than others. Knowing that I’m a work in progress motivates me to think positive to capture what I want. Nobody is perfect but everybody is worthy of joy and love. My friends and I feel like let’s just: “DO IT!” Go forth with a better mindset daily, prioritize, stay away from nay-sayers, stay open to growing and contribute to others whenever we can.

Love Pink and I know you worked with her. Tell me about that experience.

Another case of positive folks just connecting and finding ways to increase that energy by just being themselves. Her VP of A & R is a great friend of ours and we were invited to the studio. We all went shopping with Pink that day, laughed, and talked about music among other things. When she heard some available music from us that she loved, she immediately asked to have a cd of them. A few months later, we got a call asking [us] to come to California to collaborate with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and record the song that Pink wrote entitled “Split Personality.” The rest is history! I’m so proud of her right now!

Which has been your most interesting collaboration? Tell us why!

They all have been so much fun!!! Impossible to narrow the blessings of them down to one. Working with Tramp is amazing everyday! I must say that the artist collaborations slated for the near future releases feels as if they are going to be like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. Ranging from tunes to dance to and  to fall in love to. Everyone involved is excited and I pray that the excitement continues with the future listeners as well.

How did you feel when Luther Vandross dubbed Tramp and Precise as “the ones to watch, because they not only bring talent and creativity but professionalism, to the mix board as well as the boardroom.” That’s major!

We felt elated and grateful that someone of his caliber loved what we had to offer. I miss his smile and beautiful speaking voice every time I think of him. He told the best stories and he had a way with making people feel comfortable in his presence. Being asked to tour with him, be on his album and to perform on NBC The Today Show live was bigger than anything I could have dreamed for myself at the time. Luther was there to support our growth of anything that Tramp & I did at the time. He even recorded a fun exclusive interview with me for my final semester in college. A true class act.

When do you find that you are your most creative? In the morning or in the evening? Why?

Creativity doesn’t turn off for anyone I know. When I’m up, I’M UP! When I was one of the voices of Sasha for the animated set, THE BRATZ, I was the first person scheduled to audition at 9am. The gentlemen mentioned how great my voice & energy was and asked about my motivation daily. I said “When I’m up, I’M UP! I love my opportunities and I want to capture all of them that are truly for me.” WALK, TALK AND SPEAK APPRECIATION OF OTHERS AND YOURSELF! SAY THANK YOU AND MEAN IT! STAY CREATIVE OF YOUR INNER JOY FIRST! [are mottos I live by].

Tell us a tip you’d like to share with eager young musicians that they can learn from.

I’m grateful for tips myself even today. That’s the great part of our lives and as human beings with the desire to learn, love, grow and do better. I love embracing all my experiences and reflecting on them a little to learn from them. I learned that peoples’ minds change just like the seasons. Be prepared to evolve, re-align yourself and focus on what is working for you. HAVE FUN! Appreciate your mentor, family and friends in their abilities as well.

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You look so well put together and look great what’s your beauty regime? How do you keep fit?

I wake up and say ‘Thank you God for everything every time!’ I drink water through my day, I jog-run-jog a few miles a week and I eat raw fruits once a day. I also eat what I love and cooking dinner can sometimes lead to dinner parties. Being around people that love THEIR own life is a plus. I’m optimistic about life’s possibilities. Not just for me-but for those in my life. I work hard, enjoy my family, enjoy results of the present and thoughts of the future.

What’s next for you? Can we expect an album from you next? Record label perhaps?

I love what’s next! I’m bursting to share it! We are working [with] some great talented new artists and timeless established artists as well. Mixtapes, behind the scene footage, Ep’s and more first & second singles!!! We feel truly blessed and grateful to have a future in music that feels so bright. My God is amazing and I refuse stop thanking Him daily.

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