May 16, 2021
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Hot! Fabulous Find: French Connection’s Shelbys Summer Maxi Dress

Looking for a red-carpet worthy dress that doesn’t break the bank but that can be worn – to a summer wedding, a party, a graduation celebration, or simply to feel sexy? Look no further than Shelbys Summer Maxi Dress ($248) from French connection, because it fits the requirements, its not risque but just its alluring enough to attract the right amount of attention. Also, in line with one of the season biggest trends – pleats, this dress sure to make a statement because of its delicate and subtle pleats. What’s more with its beautiful, strapless upper, belt waist and loose flowing accents this dress is sure to be a go-to dress in your closet from season-to-season without looking dated. Who doesn’t love that?

Now you be the stylist, how would you wear it? Who knows, maybe we will give you a little something just for playing.




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