January 22, 2019

Hot! Sir Sean Connery Hosts “Dressed to Kilt!”

Though press arrival was scheduled for 5pm for the “Dressed to Kilt” event hosted through the Friend’s of Scotland, red carpet arrivals did not begin until 7:30, aaah the glory of journalism.   Proceeds from the annual event benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, Paralyzed Veterans of America and the Erskine Hospital of Scotland and from what I see draws big press.  I was confined to a tight space flooded with photographers, cameramen, and reporters holding their voice recorders like trophies.  I stood in the distance trying not to fall asleep as celebs walked the red-carpet. I don’t know, but everyone else seemed to. I guess I need to brush up on my D-listers.

But I digress.  The final spectacle was Sir Sean Connery who appeared happy with his family by his side.  Despite my exhilaration at catching a glimpse of the original 007, I couldn’t ignore my grumbling stomach. Time to find out where the real party is.  Making my way through the funhouse that is M2, I finally stumbled ( no literally I stumbled; 6-inch platforms and a slippery floor are not the best combo) upon the reception which to my surprise/relief was nearly empty.  But before I could check the status of my pinky toe, the place was swarming with trust fund babies and UES socialites.

I grabbed a bottle of VOSS water and kept an eye out for waiters.  But the minute one appeared they were bombarded with starving guests.  Not intimidated and motivated by my low blood-sugar, I made sure to get a piece of whatever was on that tray. But while it seemed that everyone else was enjoying the treats, I was mortified by the taste or should I say lack there of whatever that was supposed to be.  It was some soggy, mystery meat, “pie”.  Napkin-less, I was forced to swallow the foul thing.  “When will the show begin?” is all that I could think to myself.  And about an hour and a half later it did.

Celebs like Mike Myers, Al Roker, Kellie Pickler, Eric Daman, Donald Trump, Jr., Alan Cumming, Nigel Barker, Kyle McLachlan and Kelly Bensimon modeled traditional Scottish kilts and fashions from Scottish designers. Other notable catwalkers included Olypmic hottie champion Shani Davis, Sam Waterson and rockstar Joan Jett who killed it in a Mohawk headdress made of peacock feathers.  Highlights of the show included a trio of in-shape topless dancers and a quartet of fiddlers who got it crunk doing a traditional Scottish jig.  I have to admit there were many cool and very wearable items, a few freak-um dresses for the ladies and some great sports jackets for the men.  From March 22-April 13 select looks will be available for sale at

Cheers Jenaya

Images thanks to Lloyd Bishop.

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