December 1, 2022
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Hot! Hot Beauty Buy: Sakura Silk Mild Exfoliating Gel

Sakura Silk Mild Exfoliating Gel for Face & BodyGimme, gimme more! This is one of my absolute favorite beauty discoveries of all time, and now I can’t imagine my beauty routine without it, so I am beyond excited to share it with you. For visibly younger and instantly softer skin, Sakura Silk Mild Exfoliating Gel for Face & Body is a miracle worker.

This product features the revolutionary K-Link complex, which effectively removes dead skin cells on contact. It’s that amazing. Rather than rubbing beads against the skin as with most traditional exfoliants, Sakura Silk‘s seriously gentle exfoliant is comprised of a blend of natural botanicals and ingredients that adhere to and react with protein on the epidermis, which is what makes it so effective in sloughing off those dead cells that give skin that dull or rough appearance.

And when I say the results are instant, I mean it. Tried and true – after massaging the gel into skin for about 30 seconds, you will see the dead skin cells flake off right before your eyes. The gel is so gentle that it’s ideal for regular use on both face and body, and it’s hard to find a product that works effectively on both. We even tried it on eczema-affected skin, and our tester noticed drastic results, praising it as a must-have in any beauty closet.

$37.95 at

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