September 21, 2021
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Hot! TFR Interviews Celebrity hairstylist Amoy Pitters

Celebrity hairstylist Amoy Pitters, has made for herself for her passion, natural talent and her ability to create custom hairstyles for some of the entertainment industry most recognizable names.  She has styled the locks of such superstars as Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Sheryl Crow, Maggie Rizer and Alicia Keys, and has set signature trends, establishing herself as an authority on all things beauty and style.  Amoy’s, continued success has allowed her to reach a wider clientele and she recently opened her second beauty outpost-Amoy Couture Hair- in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Amoy’s impressive resume peaked our interest so we asked beauty and fashion expert Daria Burke, to interview to celebrity hairstylist.  The two women chatted about everything from hair, to favorite designers, to beauty must haves and other great topics.  Read on.

Daria: First of all, congratulations on the upcoming opening of your new salon, Amoy Couture Hair!  After such an incredible fashion editorial career, what made you decide to open your own salon?
Amoy: I was working out of my first salon – a small studio in New York City’s East Village – and felt ready to expand and reach a larger clientele. I also wanted to work with other stylists in an environment in which we had the opportunity to learn from one another.

And other than fabulous hair, what can we expect at Amoy Couture?
Amoy Couture Hair is a full-service beauty salon, offering a range of beauty treatments including manicures/pedicures and waxing. Also, each client that steps into the salon receives the true VIP treatment— with a chic, intimately arranged space, the ambiance is warm and inviting and met with plush seating and a cheerful atmosphere.

So when did your love affair with hair and hair styling begin?
When I was a child, I LOVED playing with dolls, especially styling their hair. I would also style my mother and sister’s hair, and anyone else I could get my hands on! After high school, I enrolled in beauty school and the rest is history!

Tell us about your first celebrity styling experience.

Assisting at a salon, I was flown to LA with a couple of stylists to work on an actress; they wouldn’t tell us who, but it turned out to be an actress from the TV show, Martin! It was the very first time I had been flown out to work for a celebrity and it was so exciting to see someone in-person that I watched on TV! Doing the hair of a celebrity, you get to know a different side of them that is really special.

My first fashion show was in Paris, styling the locks of the runway models for the Christian Dior couture collection in January 1998.  There, I was asked by the legendary Odile Gilbert to style the house’s legendary designer John Galliano’s own hair for his final bow!

I’m dying to know: how do celebrities choose certain hairstyles?
Just like anyone else, celebrities see styles/trends on their friends, or other celebrities, that they love and want to follow while still making it unique.  If we ever do a style that’s a popular trend, I make sure that there is something special about it that suits the client— whether it’s adding a modern touch to a classic style, or switching up the color or texture.

Also, if celebrities are working on a specific project that requires them to channel a character, they may decide for a new look that matches what or who they are portraying. It’s all about their inspiration at that moment!

Have you had people who are just so afraid to change?  How to get them to come around when you

Joy Bryant at Opening Celebration

Joy Bryant at Opening Celebration

know the look you have in mind is better for them?
Each season, I put together trend beauty boards that highlight the latest hair looks from the runways. This helps clients visualize the style I envision for them and puts them at ease, so they know what to expect. My clients always listen to me when it comes to changing their look because they acknowledge my expertise in the field. Even if a client insist

s on keeping the same cut or style, I suggest changing up the color or texture to keep it chicly current.

Do you have a signature hairstyle or do you like to change it up?
I like to change it up myself, but I guess my signature would be bangs; whether they’re long, short or side swept! And I love classic styling!

Great hair is healthy with a lot of movement and is ultimate accessory for every woman.

What’s in your beauty bag?
A good brush, dry shampoo and a great conditioning treatment. I especially love the Amoy Couture Hair

Hydrating Silicone Serum, because it gives great shine without weighing down the hair.

Oh, and mascara!

Yes! Must have mascara.  What’s your one hair product must-have?

The Amoy Couture Hair Shampoo! Shampoo’s always the first step to any good style and the Amoy Couture Hair Shampoo is so nourishing and smells amazing.

Also, the Amoy Couture Hair Clip-On Extensions are a total must-have! They are made of 100% human hair and completely customizable.  The Extensions can change your look in an instant without changing or damaging your natural tresses.

What are some of your favorite styling and care lines?
I love my own, of course! Amoy Couture Hair Products are used exclusively at my salon. I also adore the line of Rene Furterer Products, which we also sell at the salon.

Amoy + Joy Bryant at Opening Celebration

Amoy + Joy Bryant at Opening Celebration

What’s a really good drugstore product that you love and works with many different hair types?
John Freida Secret Weapon Finishing Cream to tame flyaways.

Who or what has been your greatest artistic influence?
My mother— she always had great hairstyles, and always looked chic! I’m also influenced by working with so many talented stylists, including industry icon, Odile Gilbert.

Of course!  Ok, let’s talk fashion for a sec.  Who are your favorite designers?
John Galliano
Karl Lagerfeld
Phillip Lim
Donatella Versace

What is your greatest extravagance?
A great vacation with family!

What’s your biggest hair or beauty secret you can share with us?

You don’t have to make drastic changes to completely transform your look— Amoy Couture Hair Clip-On Extensions are perfect for switching up your style without coloring or cutting your hair. If you want to change the texture, a full set of extensions can help you achieve your style without chemically treating your tresses.

Cheers Daria Burke

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