June 2, 2023

Hot! Start the Weekend with Ketel’s One Delicious Holland Mule


For the longest time I swore off Ketel one. In my mind it was the reason my early morning struggle. Since,  I am not one to turn down the opportunity to sample well-crafted cocktails, when I received an invitation to attend a cocktail party featuring Ketel One, I decided to give the spirit another chance. The cocktail selection at the party, which was held at The Wren and was attended by Bob and Carl Nolet Jr, was really impressive but my favorite from the offeings was the HOLLAND MULE. The cocktail is simple, refreshing and so good. Here’s how to recreate the cocktail at home.


Ketel One
Fresh Ginger Juice
Ginger Beer

Directions: Mix ingredients and served in a highball glass with lime wedge

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