October 16, 2018

Hot! Macy Gray Performs at Esprit Flagship Store Opening

The 34th Street Partnership can add another store to their retail row with the recent addition of the Esprit Store in the busy shopping location. The 18,000-square-foot flagship store joins Gap, Victoria SecretBanana Republic, Macy’s and other retailers; and it features a three-level shopping center packed with everything from evening wear to activewear, as well as the United States’ first selection of the urban line de.corp and serves both men and women.

Esprit, which briefly closed in 2002 and relaunched in 2004 by the Memphis Group who modernize the brand and re-established their success from their high days.  John Gunn, president of Esprit president of the Americas is understandably enthusiastic with the recent changes and has said “we wanted to introduce the new, grown-up Esprit to an important crowd.”  And, if in the opening party is any indication of what’s to come, the Store has indeed grown up.

To mark the opening the store held a party with notable names such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Robert Verdi, Emmy Rossum, Erin Lucas and a special performance from Macy Gray dressed in head-to-toe Esprit.  In addition to the performance and shopping there was a special raffle were guests pick a card from a bowl and picked a gift card valued anywhere from $10 to $100, I got a $25 card.

(unless otherwise noted images via Racked and MonsterandCritics)

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