April 18, 2021
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Hot! Alisha Trimble Fall/Winter 2010 Show

There was heightened anticipation in the air as the crowd at 1OAK, located at 453 W. 17th St., awaited the Fall/Winter limited edition 2010 line from Alisha Trimble.  Champagne was popping in this classically modern, upscale casual lounge complete with a fireplace, black marble bar, wood ceilings, and leather seated couches.  The show started with music from Rihanna blasting through the speakers.  Alisha Trimble’s new Fall/Winter line for 2010 featured a limited edition dresses that were raw, modern, edgy, sophisticated, funky, and yet ultra feminine.  Bold pinks, blacks, greys, and creams complimented the clean, askew lines of the dresses that created off-kiltered shapes that brought out wonderful silhouettes and flattering drapes appealing to the femininity of women.

Alisha Trimble, featured sexy mini-dresses that showed off the sophistication and elegance of the female form, and conservative dresses that covered the body yet still drew command to female power. There was a dress for every type of  “girly girl.” Her dresses were bold, and demanded attention.  Her theme for this line was “Vacation in Detroit,” inspired by her life, she was raised outside the city of Detroit and went to school there as well.  It was pleasing to see she used models from  a variety of  ethnicities, heights, and sizes.  It clearly interpreted that her line fit’s women of all shapes and sizes, and cultures which put a smile on my face.  Alisha Trimble fashions her one-off and limited edition dresses in her atelier on Mulberry street in the stylish Nolita neighborhood in Manhattan.  You can find more at her website, www.alishatrimble.com and www.whatswear.com.  Keep on the lookout for more exciting creations from this one of a kind designer.

By Lori Richardson (click to read more of Lori’s article)

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