June 15, 2021
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Hot! People Getting Married on MySpace for Free… Say What?

A Perfect Fit

Would you let total strangers plan every detail of your wedding including, selecting your wedding location, wedding bands and most importantly your gown you?   And, what’s more the entire planning process by your internet friends is be recorded online for everyone too see.   You would think, I am crazy but if I told your wedding was free would that peak your interest?  Well, this daring couple (Dehlia and Graeham) took the plunge so their wedding preparations are recorded for  new webseries entitled, Married on Myspace 2.

In the series, Dehlia and Graeham,  have the wedding of their dreams for free in exchange for letting the MySpace community plan and experience their big day first hand. Fans have the opportunity to vote on every detail of the couple’s big day – from choosing the special gown to the wild bachelor party. The 13-episode interactive Web series concludes with a wedding ceremony that will also reveal which details the MySpace community chose. In this particular episode the bride tries on various gowns until she finds the perfect one. Find out which designer gown is the perfect fit at www.myspace.com/marriedonmyspace.

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  1. I think it would be fun to let someone else do all the planning. Myspace trying to make a come back. Facebook watch out. One thing is for sure…their wedding will stand out from their friends. Ms. Toni