July 18, 2018

Hot! Gallery Illamasqua’s Glamore Collection Is Full of Win


This spring Illamsqua is adding Glamore to its roster of products. The collection of makeup offerings is inspired the old school glamour of the 1920s. As expected from Illamsqua, the collection which includes new lipsticks and nail polish color, offers “timeless textures, bold shades and strong definition.”

The Shattered Star Nails ($17.00) offerings are mesmerizing with colors that while bold can work for many women. The three shade offerings are a new take on the same highly pigmented, award-winning and chip resistant Illamasqua nail varnish featuring a multi-dimensional glitter finish. The polish not only provide a perfect finish but also can serve as inspiration for nail art. The colors are Fire Rose (shattered pink), Marquise (shattered orange), Trilliant (shattered champagne).

Satin Finish Glamore Lipstick ($26.00) collection includes bold spring appropriate lip colors they also have long lasting satin finish. The three colors offerings–Soaked (vibrant orange), Glissade (bold pink), and Luster (candy pink)–stay on but because of the inclusion of Vitamin E, the lips are moisturizing. If you want to add a pop or a twist try using a sheer lip-gloss for more 3D Effect.

Additionally, the collection in includes the The Eye Brow Cake. As the name suggests, the new offerings (as after a test run we can attest to its effectiveness) help tame the brows. It helps shape and define to frame the eyes. The Eye Brow Cake is available in Motto (warm taupe), Gaze (dark grey slate), Peek (warm caramel), Thunder (dark brown), Stark (auburn), and Vehement (soft black) as a result it easy to match your eyebrows to your natural tone. And, if you’re feeling daring experiment with different tones for an alternative look. Use dry for soft definition or mixed with water or Sealing Gel for a sharp shape. Grab your color for $23.00 each.

The entire offerings from the Glamore collection is available at Illamasqua.com

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