October 21, 2018

Hot! Packed House at Patrick McMullan’s First Bloom Party

What do you think when you think about a party at a gym? Some type of membership prospecting, people in spandex and midriffs trying to sell nutrition bars and giving testimonials of how exercise changed their life.  But boy did Patrick McMullan put that theory to rest at Thursday night’s silent art auction at Equinox to benefit Friends of the Highline.

As I walked through the doorsI was immediately greeted with coolness and I’m not talking about the temperature.  It was an eclectic eccentric crowd that was undoubtedly filled with the who’s who in fashion and art. Visually bombarded by walls filled with paintings, sketches and photographs. Sadly trying to take a closer look proved to be quite difficult as the space was filled wall to wall with guests.

At every turn I found myself constantly saying  ‘pardon me,”  “excuse me,” and ‘I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.”

My first attempts were unsuccessful, so in order to put myself in better spirits I got myself a drink!  Opted for a white rose cocktail made with Voli vodka, a low-calorie electrolyte-enhanced spirit. Perfect, a drink that packs a punch but doesn’t make me pack on the pounds.

The main level was a madhouse so I ventured upstairs to check out the rest of the scene.  And while it was less crowded an easier to breathe, it was dull.  There were a few uninspiring pieces on display in a private room but the terribly dark lighting made it depressing.  I took another swig of my drink and took another go for downstairs.  I was for a moment feeling optimistic that I possibly could browse more than people’s outfits, the unthinkable happened.  Some jerk spilled Voli and cranberry all over my shoes.  And, without any form of recognition or apology just walked away.  With no intentions on bidding on any art items and with a sticky foot, I made my way for the door.

Cheers, Jenaya Singleton

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