February 9, 2023
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Hot! Winter Woes Be Gone: Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Skin

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We’ve got first-day-of-spring-butterflies. AKA: we’re ready to break out the strappy wedges, stash away our chunky sweaters, and enjoy some serious sunshine! With today being the first official day of spring (as we collectively let out a sigh of relief and say finally), we’ve already got spring cleaning on our minds – but we’re talking beauty: buffing away dull winter skin, saying bye-bye to dryness… the works.

NYC-based cosmetic dermatologist and laser surgeon Dr. Melanie Grossman shared her expert tips with us on how to gracefully come out of hibernation and prep skin for the warmer spring season.

1. Catch up on your beauty routine: Try HydraFacial MD (a chemical and physical peel that extracts oils and debris from skin and acts as a 4-in 1 treatment by cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating) to give skin a boost.

2. Start spring cleaning early: Go through your beauty drawer and get rid of any old products. General rule of thumb: if you opened them six months ago, toss ’em! Many skincare products can be affected by contamination.

3. Adjust to the season: As seasons change, it’s important to switch up your skincare regimen with higher SPF’s because the sun is stronger.

4. Don’t sweat it: To keep your skin in optimal shape during warm weather when perspiration is at an all-time high, Dr. Grossman recommends switching to lighter products (for example, less heavy moisturizers and lotions versus creams).

5. UV protection, all day, every day: The next time you are perusing the beauty aisle for a sunscreen, look to purchase ones with adequate UVA & UVB blockings to provide you with the best protection. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen when you are outside every hour or two to prevent sunburns.

6. What’s up, Doc: With warmer weather and increased sun exposure, now is a great time for prevention – get to seeing a dermatologist for an annual skin check-up.

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