October 21, 2018

Hot! Highlights From Dining by Design at Pier 94

It was an inspiring night on Thursday at Pier 94 as interior designers and a few architects unveiled their dining room table themed creations for this Dining by Design event hosted by DIFFA which included a silent auction on pieces placed around the showroom floor as well.  There were over twenty-five exhibits yet each had their own uniqueness: whether it was bringing to life different topics affecting today’s world or celebrating one of the numerous enjoyments of life, each exhibit had something to say.  The winner for the night, and one of my favorite exhibits, was Arpad Baksa and his table entitled We’re All Connected.  The gorgeous red flowers, provided by Flowers of the World, as the centerpiece spiraling to the ceiling representing hope in the midst of the unknown, represented by the roped walls that connected to everything in the exhibit, was a very powerful visual that clearly described his theme of we are all connected.  You don’t know where one strand begins or where it ends and another begins.  Having had only two weeks to put everything together from concept to creation, and solidifying the winning position is but an example of the creative power within this humble and hilarious architect.
Another of my favorites for the night, for the DIFFA Student Design Initiative presented by Benjamin Moore, entitled Cradle to Cradle, came from four students from the New York School of Interior Design: Whitney V. Lasaty, Isis Delomez, Brooke Lichtenstein, Yiannos Vrousgos, and their mentor Michael Tavano.  Their concept focused on how much time we have left on Earth and how that catapults people to the stance of taking care of and healing the world that inhabits us.  Everything in the exhibit was reusable: the wooden chairs, origami out of paper, recycled sugar cane plates, and wood floors.  It took the four students a month to solidify a concept then another month and fourteen days for construction.    An amazing aspect to this piece was how the mood changed as I took a picture with the flash of the camera versus without the flash.

One more favorite that I’d love to have in my house was by David Rockwell for the Rockwell Group and Swarvoski which I called Hollywood Style.  An old black and white movie played on the wall as a curtain of Swarvoski crystals hung from the ceiling as the centerpiece that spanned the entire table.  The surround was very white and glossy giving a classically modern Hollywood elegance to the ambiance.  This table was clearly inspired by a love of movies evident in the simplicity and refinement of the details.  I stood looking and looking, this piece engulfed me, probably due to the fact that I am a movie lover as well.

There  are numerous stories I could tell on each exhibit, but I feel there’s no better way to know than to take a look yourself.  Every exhibit was truly inspirational and took a lot of hard work and careful planning.  I’d like to thank DIFFA for their tremendous efforts in the fight against AIDS and for putting together a fabulous night of creativity.

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