January 30, 2023
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Hot! Do You Need the Samsung 4?



In a glitzy show, at Rockefeller Center, complete with live theatrical performances Samsung “UNPACKED” their latest phone the Samsung Galaxy 4 (the follow up to the SIII) to gadget heads and journalist. You’re probably wondering whether you need this phone. The answer is probably not. However given all the new additions you’ll probably want it and want it badly.

While the phone has loads of new apps, which truthfully are really impressive the main reason, why you’ll want the S 4: the phone boasts an impressive camera, has longer battery life and most importantly has a faster processor (1.6 GHz Octa-Core Processor). In short the phone is ideally targeted to those who are often on the go. Like the predecessor, this one is so lightweight and easy to navigate. The S 4 wins with the apps and functionality. For instance, it can tell when you’ve reach the bottom of a page and will auto scroll for you; also with the wave of the hand you can perform tasks. The features are plenty and great.

To see the phone in action and to see the additional features… check this out

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