June 6, 2023

Hot! Get Pampered, Gamble, and Leave Feeling at Refreshed at Mount Airy Casino


The thought of spending money or gambling just doesn’t excite me. I am just not the “make-it” rain type of gal. I much rather spend my dinero on things that I can see and/or wear. Still, when I received an invitation to preview Mount Airy Casino & Resort’s in the Poconos, I packed my travel bag and got ready to embark on a fun trip. This quick trip was exactly what I needed to deal with the winter blues. It also offered me the opportunity to take a break from my hectic schedule. My visit left me feeling relaxed, recharged, and refreshed. 

The resort is a quick and fairly affordable bus ride from Port Authority (buses depart frequently and there’s even a special bus that drops you in the Casino with gives cash back to use on the slot machines). Though close, the resort still feels far away from the hustling pace of the city which is a welcome benefit. What’s more you’ll still experience many of the comforts that New York City has to offer but at a much slower pace.

The resort is nestled in a tranquil part of the Poconos.The serene location along with its wood panel facade adds to the charm of the scenic hotel. The rooms feel like spacious and welcoming cabins. My room for example had a wonderful view overlooking the town, though it was a snowy scene, it helped to calm me. 

The resort also offers slew of wonderful amenities including spa services, stellar restaurants, a full service hair and nail salon. The spa is exactly what you would expect from a swanky provider in NYC with super friendly staff.  During my visit, I indulged in a much needed spa treatment– a full body wrap that removed my dead winter skin. My spa specialist was so thorough, she made sure I was comfortable but most importantly made sure that my skin was ready to take on spring like a pro. I am so grateful.  If you visit, I highly recommend indulging on the spa.  In addition the amenities there are of course lots of gaming options. The slot machines are whimsical which entice you to figure what happens when you win.

If you’re an inspiring lady who lunches without the cash heavy balance sheet this casino might just make you feel like the lady that you are. Come with your friends for a quick girlfriends getaway, they’ll enjoy it as the resort makes girlfriends feel so comfortable. Or if you’re feeling racy bring your significant other and you’ll both leave happy.

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