May 25, 2018

Hot! Courvoisier Wants You to Love Cognac Unconditionally


As might you very well know our alcoholic beverage of choice strays towards the bubbly type. However, if the people behind Courvoisier have their way this might soon change. To get folks excited about sipping cognac and doing so with class, the company introduced a new and innovative tasting and mixing experience earlier this week to spirit cognoscenti.

At the Courvoisiology kick-off event, which was held at Millesime at The Carlton Hotel, mixologists Moses Laboy and Duane Fernandez, created a selection of refreshing cocktails that infused the diverse offerings from Courvoisier in an unexpected way. The resulting recipes–including Palomino and Vita Rosa–were surprisingly tasty, hydrating and versatile. One was really sweet, another one was a bit stronger and one was infused with champagne. And this might come as a surprise our favorite (the Vita Rosa) was champagne free. Cheers to the experts for curating the fancy cocktails.


The Courvoisiology program will continue to offer similar experiences throughout the year. As with the kick off event, Courvoisier, will work with top mixologists or “Courvoisiologists” who will work as ambassadors to develop an assemblage of cocktails utilizing the brand’s portfolio. Courvoisiology,remember that.

Some images from the evening.




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