July 22, 2018

Hot! Alicia Keys Attends Gotham Magazine Annual Party

Where were you this past Monday? I can tell you where I was, I was “partying” with Alicia Keys and by partying I mean I was breathing the same air as her but I have a feeling you may just wish you were there too.  Unless, of course, you too “partied” with Alicia and me  because then you know what a great evening Monday was.  There was tons of food, great music, great people and it was just a fun night of celebration for Niche Media’s Gotham Magazine.

Miss Alica Keys, whose current single, “Empire State of Mind with Jay Z,” is burning up the airways along with other singles from her album, is Gotham Magazine’s March Cover Model and of course the guest of honor for the celebration of the night.  She, along with Niche Media publication founder, Jason Binn (but I rather call him J-binn) who also served as the party’s MC, celebrated the evening in style.

Throughout the evening J-binn- who I am positive has a rapper alter ego- was often heard “hyping” and encouraging the crowd to drink, eat, and DANCE to the music of DJ Cassidy.  There was also a performance from hip-hop pianist Miri Bin-Ari.  Jealous? Well, you should be but I am not quite done because I haven’t told you about the food which was everywhere and lots of it. There was a pasta bar, along with cheese, vegetables, meats, olives, and so much more than I can’t remember.

Some notables attendees include Ryan Leslie who was once spotted with the same lanky brunette, Catherine Malandrino, Russell Simmons, Robert Verdi, and me.

Check out the Gallery from the Party. Pictures thanks to Moises De Pena

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  1. The Fabulous Reporter is a celebrity whore! I Love IT! Rock It Diva. Mz.Tam

  2. Alicia Keys. I love your song “no one” my sister has it on her ipod and that’s the only music she has! you rock Alicia