July 15, 2018

Hot! Micheal Musto 25th Anniversary

Though this party happened two weeks ago we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to report on Michael Musto’s 25th Anniversary on Village Voice.  I mean  every drag queen,  fabulous gay in New York (yes media too) were in attendance to celebrate Michael Musto long time contribution to Village Voice and that’s just fabolous.  And, you know a party to celebrate 25 years is a big deal especially if its for Musto and this one was.

The party was held at 230 Fifth Avenue, a fabulous event space perfect for the crowd and was SUPER packed.  Both floors brimming with tranny fierce (as Christian Siriano would say), fabulous, and downright fashionable guests.  Not mention some famous supporters of Musto like Joan Rivers, Ben Widdicome, Countess Luann were in attendance among others.

Want to see all the fabulous people? Sure you do! Pictures below thanks to Daniel Perry Studios.

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