January 28, 2023
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Hot! Hot Beauty Buy: Talika Lipocils Yields Eyelashes that Pop

I’m loving my new eye lashes, and I’m not talking about the glued on kind. Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel did an amazing job in lengthening my pathetically short eyelashes. In just two weeks I saw a major difference in my eyelash length — this was also surprising since the product specifies four weeks of continued usage. With noticeable results in only half the recommended time, I cannot wait to see what my lashes will look like in another two weeks. Even my hair stylist noticed as she caught a glimpse of my eye lashes while she was giving my bangs a trim.

Talika Lipocils comes in a gel that is applied via a brush much like your mascara wand. The system is used under your make up as part of your morning routine and again before bed. This non-irritating formula has no smell or color and is light in feel, so wearing your favorite mascara over the gel (I recommend one of these five favorites) works nicely as if you weren’t wearing the gel at all.

I am thrilled that I no longer have to consider glued on lashes when I go for full make up. Now I have wonderfully glamorous lashes that pop!

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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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