February 9, 2023
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Hot! Guess Who is a Member of Dell’s Insider Circle (Hint: Me)?

IMG_3061Recently, I became a member of the Dell’s Inside Circle.  As part of my participation in the program, I get new a laptop (Dell XPS 13) to share my honest experience using the device with you and some other fun perks.


Though, I am just getting used to using the the laptop, I do have some first impressions (stay tuned for an in-depth review). The Dell XPS 13, is a powerful machine that packs a powerful punch in a small frame. It is not a chromebook or a two-in-one!  It is just a laptop that does everything you want in a laptop. Though small, it doesn’t feel compact (stay tuned for an in-depth review). It feels like a proper laptop with a keyboard that is really fantastic. I found that the keyboard, feels sleek and modern (no seriously).

What’s more there is plenty of screen real estate on the laptop. So, I feel productive when I am using it. I also enjoy using the device for everyday use rather than just for the times when I am running around and have to pop in at a local coffee shop to work in between meetings.  Unlike, the other smaller machines–like a chromebook. That said, the machine is lightweight with a really sick battery life (depending on configuration it can last as long as 15 hours). As a result, it is perfect on the go accessory. For instance, I was toting it around a few days ago and I didn’t feel like was carrying more than my usual luggage. And I was able to work a few hours (6 hours) using lots of tabs, a music app, and when I was bored games, without having to recharge. Now that’s amazing especially when plugs are so hard to come by.


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