April 13, 2021
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Hot! Dove and iVillage Hosts Indulgent Moments

Wine and chocolate, there is no other more decadent pairing. This is what I experienced at the iVillage and Dove Indulging Moments” this past Tuesday at Chelsea Piers.

As soon as I walked in, the sweet smell of chocolate enveloped me.  The scents guided me to a bar where they set up wines from chardonnay to shiraz and accompanying chocolates, introducing your palate to different taste and experiences.  As your eyes drift around the room, there was a makeup station with all Bobbi Brown cosmetics, and a hair station with Lea Journeau hair products. I can tell you that Robbie for Bobbi Brown had me glowing by the time he was done. I looked amazing and was ready to hit the town for the rest of the night (which I did).

In addition, passing waiters with chocolate laden trays, gave out baked treats using Dove chocolate, and other appetizers (there seared tuna on a potato chip was amazing.) But the best part of the afternoon were the two Dove Chocolate’s signature hot chocolate.  As I drank my hot chocolate,  I thought this drink is  actually very therapeutic by itself so much so that I skipped the hand massage that I was waiting for and called it a day.

“Indulging moments” was truly an indulging experience.


Suzie Previl.

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