November 27, 2021
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Hot! Badichi Store Opens in NYC – Get Your Belt

Have you ever thought to yourself : Today, I want to design a custom belt–  Is that even possible? Strange as it may seem, the thought never crossed my mind either.  Weird, I know!  However, the very smart people behind Badichi did and recently launched their first American store in Soho (159 Prince Street) devoted to the art of creating a custom belt.

Though, Badichi is new to America is not new to the people from Israel where the concept originally launched.   They started with a simple concept– first choose from the wide selection of belts and buckles,  then get measured and lastly get your belt made.   The best part is that take two minutes to have a belt made once you are measured.  Yes, seriously.  It takes much longer to decide how to design your belt than to actually make it.  I know because I was allowed to “make” my own belt for free and it took me forever to decide what I wanted.

After all the back and forth, I went for a simple skinny red-belt with a classic buckle.  Actually,  its kinda boring!  Though, I loved it because I made it to liking.

You however can go wild with your belt.  And, they are tons of buckles to choose from– there’s your beautiful design buckle which are individually designed by an Israeli designer,  your animals,  your cooky sayings, your rocker chic, and your “classic” design.   And, choosing the right buckle can take as much time as choosing your belt.  Its a fun nightmare of choices.


I  never thought creating my own belt was something I NEEDED to do and now that I have done just that I can’t imagine why it never crossed my mind.   Try it.


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