April 20, 2021
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Hot! Tweet This Giveaway: Stella McCartney Perfume Necklace

We have our hands on the limited edition Stella McCarney Perfume Necklace and decided to give it away to you. We are giving away one Stella McCarthey Perfume Necklace and  we will announce the winner on March 16.  The necklace, valued at $49 and its yours if you win the tweet giveaway.  We recently reviewed the perfume necklace, its smells wonderful, its super cute and its limited edition.

Want it? Of course you do its free.  All you have to do this is re-tweet this and follow us on twitter.com/thefabreport and if you want post a comment on why you should get it.  Posting a comment won’t improve your chances but it may make us feel for you and give another prize.
Don’t have twitter? Don’t worry YOU can still enter, just  join our mailing list to enter the contest.

Good luck, happy Tweeting.

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  1. I don’t have a Tweet, but I do want the necklace. Don’t you feel sorry for me? 🙁 PLEASE let me win.

  2. Tweeted: http://twitter.com/bunnyb/status/10261035982

    I would love to win this cos it would make me look pretty and smell nice whenever I forget to wear perfume!

  3. Nice necklace! I want!!!!! BOO

  4. I tweeted: http://twitter.com/jules792000/status/10455966105

    & I would LOVE to win this because I adore this fragrance, but it is too expensive for me to afford now! (I have 30k of nursing school student loan debts to pay off!)

  5. How pretty is this?
    This would a fab gift for my
    daughte 16th birthday.
    Thanks for a lovely giveaway..xx

  6. WOW, this is gorgeous……there’s gonna be 1 very lucky lady when this comp ends! I couldn’t find any T&C’s……is this open to the UK too?

  7. RT’d


    I should win this because Im a rich girl trapped in a poor girls body 0:)

  8. LOL.. Tara we understand your pain. If it makes you feel better, we love your response. I wish you and everyone who has entered much luck.

  9. I would Like to win this because I adore this fragrance & its such a Pretty Necklace! Thanks for the Great Giveaway!
    Follower & Subscriber
    Tweeting as @JK8675309
    Have a Great Day! 🙂


  10. I am an email subscriber and I tweeted.


    I love this fragrance and would love to win this necklace, that way I can have a cute piece of jewelry and always have my favorite perfume on hand. That and I am a single mom of three young children and cannot afford such luxuries. It would be a really sweet treat to win.

  11. how beautiful the necklace is. are you going to give it away again?? i miss it……leave a site containing beautiful necklace also http://www.jewelryvogue.com/store/necklaces

    if there is giveaway again, contact me plz…