October 21, 2016

Hot! Hilarious things that ALWAYS happen on a ladies’ night out


Everyone goes out with their girl pals once in a while including celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Nicole Richie and Gwyneth Paltrow. According to a recent post on the Daily Mail, ‘the awesome foursome went to trendy Katsuya restaurant in Studio City for a meal, where they kept a low profile in casual clothing.’

Despite being famous, we can bet that these four ladies faced a lot of the same funny (and albeit embarrassing) occurrences on their night out that the rest of us are all too familiar with. To test the theory, here are some of the ‘girl’s night out’ episodes that always seem to reoccur time and time again whether the group is going out for dancing, drinks, a trip to the cinema or simply getting together round someone’s house for dinner, cocktails, some sessions of online bingo and a girlie movie or two!

Getting Ready is Mission #1

One of the ladies’ bedrooms is chosen (after careful planning and consideration) to be the ‘den’. This is where the magic happens. You’ve got hair central by the sockets with hair straighteners, curlers, clips, hairspray and fake hair flying about. Sprawled across the bed will be various dresses, hidden underneath will probably be your short friend – the one who will end up getting lost later on that same night – and there will most definitely be pre-bar tipples to get the night started. All of this will take a good few hours to complete because art takes patience… and most of us are too tipsy to apply mascara without smudging it.

Where is She?
The short girl is gone. She could be in the crowd somewhere or dancing on a table, you really don’t know. Next time you all go out you swear that you’re going to put a tracker on her. It will be for her own good, just a friend looking out for another friend. In fact, Cosmopolitan states that: ‘experts say that good friendships literally make you healthier -increasing your life span, boosting your immune system, and making you feel generally happier as a whole.’ Like you said, the tracker is for her own good.

The ‘toilet meetings’
For some reason it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for a lady to go to the toilet alone on a night out. Instead, the task becomes a ritual of sorts. Someone alerts the others with their siren call from across the dancefloor, it radiates off the speakers and the whole room panics thinking that dinosaurs are roaming the earth again. Once into the toilets everyone crams into a single cubicle for a mid-night debrief – usually about the most recent ‘hot guy’ who has been spotted by the bar.

Fighting off the Creeps
It’s ladies night so naturally none of you are in the mood to put up with the ‘creepsters’ and you can spot them a mile off. They’re the ones coming up behind you and invading your personal space. But it’s okay because your girls have ‘got your back’ and the lot of you can take on anything and anyone. One tip: avoid bumping into the dreaded ex, that’s always guaranteed to end in tears.

Drunken Texts and Phone Calls
One of the worst moments of life, is when you wake up the next morning and realize that you sent a long, soppy, illiterate ‘I want you back’ text to your ex. It’s shameful, and embarrassing and you’ll wish time machines existed. Phones should really be confiscated by the most sober one of the bunch, you should probably remember that for next time!


This post was created in partnership with our friend Lousie. Picture credit: CollegeTimes.com


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