July 18, 2018

Hot! Quick Tips To Healthy Dining

As you might know February is American Heart Month. Seeing how today is the last day of month we thought it would informative to ask the experts tips to eating healthy.  Thanks to Jenny Craig, who is proud supporter of the American Heart Association, we have some helpful tips to face the challenge of dining out while remaining heart healthy.    And, yes it does involve staying away from fried foods.

take it to go

Plan Ahead

Its important to have an idea about what's good for you and what foods lead you towards to wrong path.  So, if you're going out to eat find the menu online. Study it to identify the healthiest options. Ideally you want to choose lean meats like fish, skinless poultry  and even beef (flank, tenderloin, sirloin). You already know this but it bears repeating avoid anything fried even its vegetables.  As for the dinner rolls choose whole wheat rolls – if they don’t serve them, it’s best to just skip it.

 Menu 101

Part of planning ahead is knowing how to read the menu. Though, it may seem simple, knowing how to read a menu is a key element in selecting the right items.  When choosing what to eat select items with keywords such as blackened rather   than creamed or steamed instead of sautéed.  The preparation in the desired keywords items will help in reducing unwanted fats and calories.  Naturally, they make huge difference in how healthy the it is.

Take it To-Go

Because so many restaurants serve huge portions, suggest sharing a meal with someone and/or request a “to-go box” when ordering and pack up half of the meal before beginning to eat.

Slow Down

Sure picking the right items is import. But you know what else is important? Eating slowly. Be sure to chew slowly and notice the flavor and texture if the food – savor the flavor. Also, don’t forget to pause mid-meal and check your appetite to prevent overeating and feeling stuffed. Remember, the first bite always tastes best!

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