July 23, 2018

Hot! Lila Horn Fall 2012

I am essentially a life long New Yorker but in terms of dressing I am as un New York as can be. It’s not exactly a secret that New Yorkers are drawn to mostly black and gray ensembles with (maybe) some caramel sprinkled in but I tend to choose bold and bright colors.  And, why the Fall 2012 collection from new label Lila Horn, designed by Lillian Barry and Helen Millson, piqued my interest.

The duo-who met during their travels through India-created a collection that is peppered with a delightful selection of colors paired with modern silhouettes. This is not surprise given their inspiration: “… shapes and patterns that contour Indian temples as well as the hues of orchid purple, raspberry and neon blue that many of the women adorn while worshiping within them.”

When Lila Horn’s fall 2012 collection arrives in stores expect to see lots of printed of materials in pinks, blues and to satisfy the New York black and white pieces. Highlights include selection of printed pencil skirts, I am partial to the pink printed skirt.

Below are images from the collection which were shot during the New York Fashion and was style Leandra Medine.

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