April 13, 2021
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Hot! Wilhelmina’s Hot Body Model Finalist Day of Fun….

I somehow missed my opportunity to enter Wilhelmina’s Hot Body Model contest.  Two grand prize winners -one male and one female- will get a five year contract with Wilhelmina among other fun prizes.  There’s always, next year right?

But this year, I joined the ten (five men and women) finalists as they began their round of activities. The finalists were treated to lunch at Energy Kitchen and then were scheduled for a  work out session as Gold’s Gym and a host of other activities.  I am lazy and don’t work out so I bowed out of the gym portion and joined them for lunch.   As I sat there with my tuna sandwich and smoothie in hand and  noticed the contests  with salads and water, I realized that I probably don’t have what it takes to compete with them.  SIGH.

Undeterred, I talked to New Jersey native and finalist Gail Kasper about her work routine and how I can get a great body(she has the best legs) like hers on a budget. She offered some fun tips that even a lazy person like me can easily do; 1) Plan your work out routine ahead of time 2) If you can’t afford the gym go for walks 3) invest in kettles and a water ball 4) work on full body resistance exercises such as squats and lounges.

See that’s easy and painless. Now, while I go plan my workout routine, I leave you with the list of prizes for the finalist and grand prize winners.

The semi-finalists were selected after a nationwide search in several states and online submission were reviewed and voted by the public and the winners of the grand prize will be announced later today at a ceremony held by Wilhelmina.

Winners receive:

Ten finalists (5 men/5 women) will each receive :

* A 3-day all expenses paid trip to New York City to participate in the finals
* Spa and beauty experience by a leading NYC salon
* A day of personal training with top Wilhelmina fitness experts
* $200 gift card to The Vitamin Shoppe
* Participation in Finals Judging Event (with prominent Shape and Men’s Fitness editors and Wilhelmina agents)
* Hottest ticket in town; VIP guests at the finals party (where the contract prize winners will be announced)

In addition, Two (2) grand prize winners (one male and one female) will each win:

* A 5-year modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models
* Photo shoot for Shape and Men’s Fitness Magazines
* A vacation for two at a Beaches Resort
* A Bulova watch
* $1,500 Vitamin Shoppe gift
* 1 year VIP membership to Gold’s Gym

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  1. Good For Them ! They are lucky I didnt enter. I kid. I kid.Thanks for Article Fab Report! ES