February 1, 2023
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Hot! Top Fashion Trends for Real Women of Any Size

 choose just one piece of clothing to try this trend. Remember that this screams attention so make sure that you are feeling confident when you wear bold colors.

Want to keep updated on the newest fashion trends of 2018 but are unsure of where to begin? It’s hard for aspiring fashionistas to receive instant insider knowledge of the fashion industry’s ever-fluctuating style fads, even more so when the fashion industry continues to perpetuate immensely repressive representations of idealized female body types that ostracizes approximately 67 percent of women within the United States whose average clothing size falls between a size 16 to 18.


In light of recent events that have occurred over the past several years, the fashion industry has begun to take gradual steps in its expansion to produce clothes for real women, with more brands taking the initiative to launch more plus size clothing line varieties. Here are several of the latest fashion trends for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons that indicates the industry’s ongoing progress towards building an all-inclusive space for women of all shapes and sizes, including the best plus size clothing.

The Power Suit Inferno

#Throwback80s makes its overpowering comeback with the rise of the power suit. With 2018 rising as #yearofthewoman, nothing embodies the everlasting strength of womanhood better than an essential power suit. Celebrities and models awed their audiences with their confidence as they strode down their respective 2018 Grammy Awards red carpet and New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer runway events in their power suits. Add a pair of sky-high heels to keep the silhouette lean and feminine.

Denim Dethroned

Remember the good old days when denim was anything and everything in fashion? Who can forget the iconic Britney-Justin denim debacle at the 2001 American Music Awards? However, denim’s reign over the fashion industry is gradually subsiding and could soon be dethroned with the entrance of a contentious contender: cargo pants. Cargo pants prove wrong whoever said that fashion and comfort aren’t interminable as its variety of colors and prints, as well as its loose-fitting cut, has reinvigorated the creative juices of designers and fashion influencers.

Begin Your Day with a Brazen Fashion Start

Spruce up your wardrobe with bright, bold colors! This season’s trend includes an onslaught of eclectic color palette experimentations as exemplified by the New York Fashion Week runway collections whose color schemes ranged from tomato red to canary yellow. You can go head-to-toe with brights, or


Welcome to the Boho Future

Live everyday like you would at a Coachella music festival. The power suit isn’t the only retro-vintage look that has made its re-entrance into the latest fashion trends. Boho-chic has been reintroduced into the world of fashion with an edgier futuristic flair that is evocative of the trending maximalist style. More is more with layers of boho style all year round. Flowing silhouettes also makes this trend easy to wear at any size and body shape.

With outspoken spokespersons and advocates such as Ashley Graham as pioneers of the body-positivity movement within the fashion industry, they are paving the way for more inclusive representations of plus size clothing and models. It’s high time that mainstream fashion starts to reflect and represent how real women look like with clothes for real women.

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