April 11, 2021
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Hot! Beyonce Covers L’Officiel Paris and Starts a “Black Face” Controversy

French magazine, L’Officiel Paris, is celebrating its 90 anniversary. Given the major milestone is no surprise they got Beyonce and to her credit the cover is stunning. So far so good.

It is when one looks at the entire spread that a problem arises, (for some) as Beyonce is pictured in black face. We here are neither offended nor bothered just baffled. Why would a magazine (even a French one) paint an African-Woman in black face? We must think the decision-making process went something like this:

Editor: Tribal is HUGE this season. What better way to get the point across than have Beyonce on the cover with African inspired clothing? Its genious.

Editorial Assistant: OMG, yes, you are right. And, what if we paint her face BLACK?

Editor: I think you are on to something. This could be MAJOR.

Photographer: I like where this is heading.

Editorial Assistant: Wait, this should be okay (the black face) right? I mean Beyonce is Black afterall.

Editor: Of course its okay, and its African-American not Black. But, just to be safe let’s see what Beyonce says.

Beyonce (singing): Oh, I was thinking the of doing a shoot with black face after I saw Fela with my “friend” Jay-Z. So, I love this idea. Lets do it.

We are fairly certain that’s how this editorial spread idea went to down. Take a look at an “edited” behind the scenes video

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  1. Wow Beyonce… good decision making skills on that one!