October 22, 2018

Hot! Lublu Kira Plastinina Fall 2011 Review

You have to admire Kira Plastinina’s, 18, tenacity; despite past failure, the budding designer, is re-launching her line Lublu Kira Plastinina which she showcased at Lincoln Center during Fashion Week.

In her “youth” Plastinina opened a series stores (well her rich father paid for the stores but that’s neither here nor there) aptly titled, Kira Plastinina, stocked with merchandise she designed. Sadly, this venture only lasted nine months stateside. A weaker soul would have given up but Kira and here she is, with her new “more” mature collection – one must respect her resolve. Sure, she is wealthy but she is trying to make a name for herself with her talent and not by showing her “lady parts” like other heiress. For that she has earned our respect.

This collection is rather small and reflects a decidedly younger style aesthetic. Pieces evoke the feeling of “I am not legally able to party but I want to dress the part,” the design features with clean lines, some ruffles, a few mesh pieces, and some skin showing. The color selection mostly consists of nudes, blacks, and reds. We spotted some fitted two-piece dress, rumpers, as well as asymentrical dresses. Now, we wonder whether her rich pals will wear her designs. Would you?

Images from the collection below

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