July 26, 2021
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Hot! Best Suite: Robert Verdi’s the “Future of Fashion”

A week devoted fashion may seem like a dream come true to some but the truth is, attending so many shows is hard work.  You are often tired, hungry, and downright cranky.  And, there’s nothing worse than hungry and cranky fashionistas – Trust me, NOTHING Worse!  Luckily, they are specialty suites, designed  to help us relax while introducing new products and/or features.    This season, Robert Verdi, did it best with his Future of Fashion suite. By far the best suite I’ve ever been to in my short fashion week career.

In the midst of all the chaos The Robert Verdi Suite offered a great space to preview a wealth of new products, eat, and just relax.  The suite felt as it was your friend’s cozy apartment with decor provided by Modern Dose and Artwork from 20×200 Jen Bekman Projects. Its lovely and services offered even better.  And they were a lot.

Lets see they were Blow-outs from PHYTO  which sadly I didn’t get a chance to test. Next time!

Manicures from from Ginger+Liz yet another service I neglected to try. Why, I don’t know.

If  that wasn’t enough they were also make-up touchups from Jouer Cosmetics. Seriously, free touch-ups for Jouer if that’s not a make a dream, I don’t know what is.

And, while you get your services done, you had your pick of cocktails using Brand-new ABSOLUT Berri Acai (which we also got in our goody bag) cocktails or just sit back with your SmartWater bottle but if water isn’t choice beverage you had choice of Vitamin Water Zero or your tried and true Coca-Cola in the Chic aluminum bottle.

And, one of best for me were the lunch available because it allowed me to eat a healthy meal and that felt great.  But, got me really excited was learning about Blue Print Cleanse. The Blue Print Cleanse help you rebalance your system while removing your toxins and help you recharge after this fashion week, believe me I need.  The cool thing you can decide how many days you want do “cleanse” for.   I am hoping to try it soon and let you guys know all about it.

While we relax we previewed new Rock&Republic jeans in the “Denim Bar”  and introduced to  ShatoBu Shapeware a new line shapewear to burns calories while wear it.    If you are skeptical about it (like I was), apparently it scientifically tested and it does work.  So, put your side-eye away, I am just the messenger that is going to test it.

The apparel and accessories fun doesn’t stop there. Female guests, were treated to a complementary bra-fitting from Maidemform and we get a free bra of our choice. Yippe!  There’s was also a Vans custom shoe station were you got your artistic juice flowing as you design your own VANS. I  choose starts with pink, yellow and blue tones. Its cute.  There was also custom LL Bean Totes along Carrera but I missed both of these services. I am still bummed about it.

Looks great, right? That’s because it was and I can’t wait till September to preview  the next “Future of Fashion” products.  Look at pictures from the suites. Can you spot some notables faces?

(All images courtesy of Mat Szwajkos)


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