April 17, 2021
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Hot! Free Legal Music and Artists Get Paid! Say What?

So, would believe me if  told you that you CAN download free music legally AND  the artists  still get paid–  No? Well, its true  and starting March 20th, 2010 when Guvera officially launches you will be able to download free legal music were artist get paid.

Essentially, “Guvera provides a way for content owners such as artists and record labels to generate revenue from their music, making it readily available and 100% free and legal to consumers. Content is paid for by advertisers looking to target consumers in a revolutionary way with branded channels,” said the press release.  Guvera, is already working well in Australia were the Beta system launched.  So makers are confident that it can work elsewhere. What a novel idea to make money–right?  Which mean, no more need to get music from your “internet friends” or from a “legal” website in Russia were music cost next to nothing but often times is infected with viruses.

So celebrate the much anticipated launch of Guvera a pre-launch party was held at Metropolitan Pavillion and of course some big music heavy weights were in attendance to support the company.    Now, you love music this party was for you. It was two hours of fun and music with performances from Alice Cooper, Jim Jones, The Donnas, The Bravery, Mos Def and Aaron Lewis.

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