October 16, 2018

Hot! Custo Barcelona Fall 2011 Review

Always a stimulator of the optical senses, Custo Barcelona, introduced their Fall/Winter 2011 collection at Lincoln Center with flair and vibrancy. The Dalmau brothers, showcased their fearlessness as designers and their willingness to make a statement without compromise. This is one collection that should have a disclaimer that reads, “Purchase only if possessed with the swagger of a rockstar,” since that’s the only persona that could pull this one off. It’s rebellious, edgy and over -the-top, making it impossible to look away as unexpected combinations dominated the runway.

If you had a fetish for the feel of different textures, it would be impossible to resist the urge to dive on the runway. The pieces merged wool resembling a shag rug, leather, and other indecipherable fabrics with intense graphic designs, all forming a collection of beautiful chaos that had the fashion world captivated.

The design duo, Custodio and David Dalmau, have come a long way since their first line of t-shirts in the early 80’s. They have solidified themselves as a multi faceted global brand and are held at the highest esteem by the fashion elite. They continue to make innovative strides, as was clearly demonstrated by this collection, and show no sign of slowing down.

By Lisan J. Simpson

(More images from the collection below)

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