June 18, 2021

Hot! Seven Things I learned While Binge Watching ‘House of Cards’


Like a lot of people, a spent my weekend watching the entire Season 2 of House Cards. As I winced at Francis Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) antics and saw his power rise, I’ve picked up some life lessons (that is when I wasn’t feeling empty at the thought of having to wait a full year for the next season) I realized that the show is full of important life lessons. Some of which I’ve outlined below. While no spoilers are blatantly written, read at your own risk.

Trust no one.  Especially a (seemingly) soft spoken Claire Underwood (played by Robin Wright).


Sleep is for basics. This revelation happens when sleep beckons at 5am and are watching “Chapter 18.” Naturally, you resist its call by powering through and continuing with your binge watching unbothered by the lack of sleep. After you’re done you think: I am a BOSS. Delusions of grandiose you say? To which you, I bet you sleep a full eight hours and smirk. 


How to spot warning signs of a possible arrest. For example when you hear “Trust me. I can’t tell you why but I need you to trust and approve this [that sounds not only sketchy but also slightly girl] request,” you in danger girl. And, possibly just an arrest away from a starting role in I (Amost) Got Away With It.

you in danger girl

My economics professor was right she insisted Game Theory was more than match theory and could help in making business decisions. It explains how Francis Underwood is able to maneuver politics and people for his gain without much reprisal. I also need to buy a book that explains Game Theory.


Anyone, whom you suspect of questionable moral character and sends you a typewriter sentimental written note claiming to have your back is not trustworthy. Obviously, said person trying to cloud your judgement by lowering your trust inhibitions. Don’t fall for the trap.  After all in this day of extreme technology– who has a typewriter just hanging around? I see danger. Again, see 1– trust no one.


Listen to mama Maya Angelou when she says “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” A lesson, I am sure Remy Danton (played by Mahershala Ali), would have love learned prior to engaging in an off the book conversation with Francis. Instead, he learned it after the fact and now is a lion without a prey insight. The saddest lion of all.


In politics: power is more important. In my world: money is more important. That’s it. You make of that what you wish.


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