May 16, 2021
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Hot! H&M Promotes HIV/AIDS Awareness with Fashion Against AIDS Initiative

H&M does it again with a new initiative, Fashion Against AIDS, combining the power of fashion to promote social awareness. This initiative aims To Reinforce the importance of AIDS awareness among both women and men.

Fashion Against AIDS is a unisex collection of clothes that features colorful, versatile pieces designed for comfort-drawing from the boyfriend look among young women, and a mixing and matching of pieces among young men.

Beginning with shape and detail, these pieces were designed to adapt to every individual sense of style. Sleeves can be removed with a zipper and some garments can be transformed from one item into another.

The main message is to celebrate a beautiful life and to keep it that way for yourself and your partner,” says Ninette Murk, founder and Creative Director, DAA. “HIV is everywhere, not just in Africa, not just in the gay community – HIV concerns us all.”

Fashion Against AIDS launches into it’s fourth year in H&M stores nationwide on April 26th in H&M’s Divided Department, and 25% of the sales proceeds will be donated to youth HIV / AIDS projects around the world.

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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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