October 18, 2018

Hot! Binetti Fall/Winter 2010 Recap

Where’s Scottie when you need him to beam you up and transport you to an exotic far away land? That was my initial thought as I witnessed Diego Binetti’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection when he presented this past Sunday at Exit Art. Front Row included Simon and Alex McCord from the Real Housewives of New York.

The binetti collection, which was inspired by his travels to the far east, did not disappoint as opulent, exotic & tastefully embellished fabrics glided down the runway.  And ‘glide’ could not be more suitable a word, to describe the many pieces that carried an air like quality; only achievable with the expert use of printed silk chiffon and charmeuse on cocktail dresses and gowns.  Other sumptuous fabrics incorporated in this collection included silk georgette, shimmering gold lamé and wool bouclé.  Most of his pieces were encrusted with beads & jewels strategically placed, so as to not interfere with the figure flattering silhouettes.  No detail was too small, as jackets and blouses were adorned with Swarovski crystal buttons that gave those pieces the extra touch of luxury and sophistication we have come to expect in a Binetti collection.

With his start as a fashion stylist, working with Bulgari in Milan and later becoming the head designer for Jill Stuart, there was no doubt that this was a star in the making.  The 4 years Binetti spent in Milan, cultivating his innate talent, certainly paid off; as the launch of his line in 2001 introduced to the world a visionary genius. It was no wonder that Binetti received a standing ‘O’ from a crowd who expressed my sentiment that this show was nothing less than spectacular.

By Lisan J. Simpson


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