April 13, 2021
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Hot! Risto Fall/Winter 2010 Collection Overview

When nature calls it speaks volumes, as Risto launches his Fall/Winter 2010 collection. With prints ranging from rainbow hues, eye catching landscapes, and fire intersecting water, you feel yourself become one with nature, but you’re definitely not roughing it.  Always the eco-advocate, this ode to nature brings a 90’s vibe with a techy twist inspired by his muse Nicolas Sassoon. Digital graphics and computer pixels infused with earthy images are Risto’s expression of ‘New New Age.’

Risto seemed to identify most with the late 80’s, early 90’s as that was around the time he finish design school in Paris.  He wanted to capture this nostalgia in this collection by recycling his own decade with new and improved details.  As a former designer for Louis Vuitton men’s knitwear, he continued his love of working with knits by felting boucle yarn and combining strips of leather to create the edgy, grunge inspired collection.  His mastery of taking old-school techniques of knitting and quilting and turning it into today’s show stopping pieces, showcases the distance an open mind can take any fabric of choice, regardless of its intricacies.  He was able to show the details of his knitting techniques through jumpsuits, dresses, capes and leggings.  Some of these pieces were displayed on naked skin of all shades which will no doubt intensify the fascination in his collection.

By: Lisan J. Simpson

(image via ristoblog)

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