July 20, 2018

Hot! Reece Hudson Fall/Winter 2010 Handbag Presentation

By Leah Richards
What’s just as important as a pair of shoes for women?  That perfect purse!  Well the Reece Hudson has taken the classic styles of the purse and clutches to high quality of garments.   I had the pleasure of attending the Reece Hudson Fall 2010 Presentation at the Blank Hotel.   I was politely greeted by a host and someone quickly took my coat and bag.  Shortly afterwards I was handed a class of cold champagne and found myself listening to some upbeat laid back music in the background.

As I pursued through Hudson’s collection I found myself in the mist of black, tan, and mauve colors.  Quality fabrics were clearly used consisting of lambskin, snakeskin, and suede.  All the pieces were classic pieces suited for everything from work to the nightlife.  Hudson has a knack for something that young designers often lack a sense of classic timeless pieces.  Hudson is definitely above the curve with her classic yet contemporary handbags.  My most fav of the pieces would by the mauve clutch aligned with snakeskin and suede.  I could definitely use this on a night on the town in New York City or in the heart of Paris.

I am intrigued by the Reece Hudson Collection and can’t wait to what the pair will have created for the following season.  They are two lovely young people who if they remain focused will be a huge brand one day!

* Reece Hudson is a designer handbag collection founded by Reece Solomon and Max Stein. All Reece Hudson products are carefully crafted in New York.  The price range is $800 to $1000.


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