March 23, 2023
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Hot! Gallery #NYFW: 60 Seconds with Katie Gallagher


In the spirit of New York Fashion Week, we fired off questions on F/W 2015 and fun personal facts to the designers showcasing their new collections this month. See what Katie Gallagher had to say in this season’s “60 Seconds” Q&A.

The Fabulous Report (TFR): What can we expect from your latest collection at NYFW?
Katie Gallagher (KG): The widest trousers ever, for one. I can’t wait to hem them and make them mine!

(TFR): Speaking of NYFW–what shoes get you through the week?
(KG): I always try to wear something different-always 3″+ unless I’m out on a run.

(TFR): What are your plans for Valentine’s Day (if you can get away from work?)
(KG): I do not have any yet. I will probably have a dinner somewhere with my boyfriend.

(TFR): What song are you embarrassed to have in your iTunes?
(KG): It doesn’t take much to embarrass me! Definitely not my musical preferences.

(TFR): What was the last movie you saw that made you cry?
(KG): Great Expectations (1998). I think during the Pulp scene or realizing how easily I could become Ms. Dinsmoor and be kind of ok with it!

(TFR): You’re at brunch. Sweet or savory?
(KG): Savory.

(TFR): If you had a time machine and could go back in time…
(KG): I’d meet my great-grandparents in Lithuania when they were young.

(TFR): What career would you have if you hadn’t become a fashion designer?
(KG): A painter (and whatever that means). I went to school to be a painter or an illustrator. I switched ideas at the declaration of my major after freshman year, realizing that it was much safer to study something more job oriented. My dream has consistently been to own a candy shop/cafe.

(TFR): Where was your last vacation?
(KG): I guess I have to count PFW SS15, I haven’t been anywhere since unless you count going home to Pennsylvania for Christmas.

(TFR): Okay, it’s early, but… any hints on spring 2016?
(KG): Yes! It has already begun. Chinatown!

Katie Gallagher showcased her Fall/Winter 2015 collection on Thursday, February 12. Our coverage of the show is coming soon!

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