March 24, 2023
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Hot! Gallery This Toothbrush is a Healthy Smile Game-Changer


If you’re reading this, hopefully you are already brushing your teeth at least twice daily… but have you ever given any thought to if you’re actually doing it the right way?

EVOLVE has me questioning if how I’ve been brushing my teeth for the past 2+ decades is all wrong. I’ve swapped out my regular toothbrush to test EVOLVE, which is a unique new toothbrush (launched this past summer) that is proven to perform better than leading electric toothbrushes — even though it’s manual and inexpensive ($15 compared to the couple hundred bucks you’d have to fork up for the best-selling electrics). We’re talking lab-tested-at-UPenn-kind-of-proven, by the way. EVOLVE was created by Dr. Paul A. Scheier, a 35-year practicing dentist who has been dedicated to help his patients not only improve their oral health, but overall health too.

The brush features a patented Triple Flexing design with bristles in three sections (the two on the sides slightly bend to the natural shape of teeth), designed to more thoroughly clean the surfaces of teeth and gums, especially those hard-to-reach areas.

The toothbrush isn’t gimmicky at all – after just two uses, I felt convinced of the science behind it just simply based on how much cleaner my mouth felt. Fundamentally, the flexible design of the brush helps to easily clean below the gum line which is often neglected, most commonly because it’s hard to use a traditional toothbrush to reach those areas. Oral problems like gum inflammation and the buildup of plaque can lead to more serious diseases, so why not ensure you’re taking care of yourself the best way you possibly can?


A few pointers — make sure to watch the quick intro video to understand how to use the brush and position it correctly when brushing, since it’s not exactly intuitive. Importantly, applying gentle pressure is key, and know that your gums might feel more sensitive during the first few uses, since they’re probably not used to all the attention! After the first few days of using EVOLVE, the feeling of sensitivity in my gums while brushing went away.

There you have it – we’ve posted about a toothbrush, and we encourage you to try it for yourself.

$15.00 at


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