October 15, 2018

Hot! Deron Williams Attends Bonobos’ Better-Fitting Suit Collection Launch Party

A rarefied group of dapper men joined NBA ALL Star Deron Williams at Catch Roof at the launch party for Bonobos’ Better-Fitting Suit Collection. The VIP soiree included drinks, dancing and stylish men in great suites. And, of course a spotting of Deron Williams.

Williams, who was (obviously) dressed in Bonobos’, wore a light gray suit and a purple tie, was on hand to announce a new partnership with Bonobos. The hoopster is set to curate a special online pop-up shop for Bonobos. The cyber pop-up shop will include some of his favorite items and what’s more proceeeds from the pop-up shop will benefit Deron’s charity Point of Hope, a recreational and educational program which helps at-risks kids. “I’ve been following Bonobos for years and love what they’re doing both from a fashion and charitable perspective so I could not have picked a better teammate, to support my foundation,” Williams says. “I’m thrilled for the opportunity to enter the fashion arena and to share my style point of view with both the brand and my fans.”

The Bonobos Foundation Suits retail for $590 or separately at $195 for pants and $395 for jackets. Bonobos apparel is sold exclusively at www.bonobos.com.

Peep at some images from the evening



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