July 16, 2018

Hot! Mel DeBarge Launches Bow Ties & Good Times

DJ’s partying all night is hardly ever a surprise. After all that’s their job – to get everyone to dance and have a great time. But, a DJ’s launching a smartphone app and an accompanying website now that’s different and unexpected but that’s exactly what DJ Mel DeBarge has done. Mel Debarge, one of our favorite DJ’s, recently launched Bow Ties & Good Times. The site Mel Debarge told Fashionindie about Bow Ties & Good Times, “It’s basically a journal of things that my friends and I love.” And, while he doesn’t like the term blog the site he explained is “less about reading and more about sharing important information in a short period of time.”

To celebrate this endeavor obviously a major party is a must.  Held at Avenue, the VIP soiree, included a musical set from D.J Cassidy, a performance from Slick Rick and lots of drinking.

Take a look at the images from the evening. Photo Credit: Moises de Pena


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