June 28, 2022
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Hot! Celebrate Valentine’s Day at ilili

We’re making ilili’s prix-fixe Valentine‘s menu available from Feb 11th – 14th this year! That’s $75 exc. tax & gratuity for a five course menu and a complimentary glass ofLa Caravelle champagne.

Here’s a taste of what’s on the menu; you’ll recognize one or two of them from our recent Winter Restaurant Week menu:

Caviar Parfait

Chilled Poached Scallop (Barberry, Blue Rose Petals)

Harissa Shrimp (harissa butter, garlic whip, mahleb, cherry tomato, toasted almond)

Fassoulia Puree w/Basterma (white beans cooked w/bay leaves, miroux poix, served with basterma.

Squab w/mushrooms, couscous, parsley, lemon, evoo, cherry sauce

Date Braised Beef w/Cashew Couscous, shallot thyme vin, chives, chilli, fried rose leaves, date molassas, red wine

Petite Lamb Shank w/Freekeh, red wine, pearl onion

Red Mullet w/pita chips, watercress, lemon, chilli, evoo, tahini

Jallab Sundae w/dried fruit, halva, rose marshmallow

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