August 16, 2022
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Hot! #NYFW: 60 Seconds with Lindsay Degen

In addition to the designer inspiration sketches, this fashion week we are also asking designers a about their design process, what’s gets them motivated and some other fun questions.  Here’s what designer Lindsay Degen had to say.

The Fabulous Report: What are you eating to maintain your energy?
Degen: Lots of blueberries!

TFR: What has been the most challenging part so far?
Degen: This season the biggest challenge has been the shoes.  Clear vinyl is a hard material to work with as most commercial shoe glues wont hold it in place.

TFR: How do you stay motivated during the crunch time?
Degen: Its easiest to stay motivated during crunch time because there is no other option.  Its much harder to stay motivated in the very beginning of each season.

TFR: How do you relax before the show?
Degen: I’m a worry wart so that’s challenging.  The only thing that keeps me calm is making a schedule and sticking to it.  Hanging out with the people backstage keeps me calm too.  Models are funny.

TFR: What are you doing to prepare for the big day?
Degen: In terms of the collection you will see a lot of slimy gross knits.  Much more knitting technique than in previous collections.  Also there is a small printed component this season!

TFR: What are you going to do after the show is over?
Degen: Probably do some more recreational knitting? Maybe I’ll knit myself a sweater.

TFR: Vodka or champagne?
Degen: Bourbon [editors note: my kinda of girl]

TFR: Miami or Hamptons?
Degen: YUCK

TFR: Cake or Pie?
Degen: Pie, no brainer.

Lindsay Degen will present her collection today (2/6) at Industria Studio.

Header Photo: The Formula Blog

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