June 6, 2023

Hot! Gallery The Australian Beauty Brand You Need to Know About Now


Cherry Blooms. The name may sound dainty and delicate, but the line of products in this beauty brand of Brisbane, Australia roots packs some serious performance. Boasting “extremely waterproof” liquid eyeliner and dramatic brush on fiber lashes, Cherry Blooms has been the star of our makeup bag over the past few weeks. Here’s why:

  • The 24 Hour Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($24.95) comes with a “Swim. Sweat. Cry. We promise it won’t smudge!” claim that we put to the sweat test of one of our favorite NYC workouts, 305 Fitness. We’re talking a workout that leaves us sweatier than ever – and Cherry Blooms’ waterproof eyeliner did not budge. At all. To top that, it also looked just as bold a full workday PLUS workout later than it did when first applied at the start of the morning.
  • The bestselling Eyelash Extensions- Brush On Fiber Lashes ($49.00) is a three-step system with two easy-to-use products to create voluminous lashes that rival getting extensions… except without the damage in the aftermath of getting lash extensions. They’re certainly better than wearing falsies, too, as they accentuate your natural lashes with less application time. The fibers adhere to lashes through the step 1 and 3 product, a transplanting gel that both primes lashes and seals the fibers in as the last step. This product, too, passed our “305 Fitness” test. We were skeptical at first as to whether the fibers would stay in place after such a rigorous workout – and that skepticism quickly turned into amazement.

Cherry Blooms products can be purchased online at cherryblooms.com.

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