October 22, 2016

Hot! H&M Wants Your Clothes


The time to get your used clothes for shopping deals is now here. Beginning this month, you can exchange your worn garments for shopping discounts at H&M stores. This recycling program is part of the company’s ongoing commitments to the environment and sustainability worldwide.

Over 95% of the textiles thrown out each year can actually be used again; either re-worn or recycled. Currently, they end up in landfills. This initiative is to reduce the environmental impact of this waste and to find a long-term solution to reuse and recycle these textiles on a larger scale.

Any pieces of clothing from any brand, in any condition will be accepted. That’s not all: customers will receive a voucher for an H&M discount (15% off one item) for each bag of clothing they donate.

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Pauline Ma

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