August 2, 2021
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Hot! Preston Bailey Hosts a “Celebration” With Gloria Gaynor & Martha Wash

Preston Bailey knows how to throw a good party and that’s why he gets paid the big bucks.  His past clients include– Jennifer Hudson, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, Donna Karan, Laurence Fishburne, Bill Cosby, Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones, to name just a few;  With a client list like his, when one is asked to attend a party of his, the answer is a resounding YES.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to attend the official launch party for his new book title Celebrationsat the Amery.  And yes the party lived up to all the hype.  They were performances from  Martha Wash and Gloria Gaynor.  She performed “Its Raining Men”  at the event and it” truly was raining men but that’s another story.

Of the event Preston Bailey wrote on his blog “I was very torn in choosing a space for the event–in these economical times I didn’t want to give a party that was too slick, so it was essential to find the right venue,” along with a set of work in process and preparation picture. It’s hard to image how the entire preparation for the venue took two just two days.

In that short time they created a runway, showcasing the most beautiful artistic work which rotated through the entire runway.  There was also the most amazing chandeliers which complemented the strategically placed globes and the events blue light tone.  Amazing right?  Well, I am not done.  Along with the most beautiful decor,  they were cupcake stations, specialty drinks, the most delicious bites and other fun activities.  At one point models came in barely there underwear and walked the runway several times to a crowd of exciting voyeurs. You can imagine the audible sadness that crept into the room when the models were told to leave the room. Fortunately, that was short-lived as Martha Wash was in the building AND  performed. Loud SCREAMS, were heard, though those may have been mine. I can’t be sure.  Just when I thought the night was over, I hear: “Gloria Gaynor..” and boogie myself closer to makeshift stage to hear her sing her trademark tunes. I was in DIVA heaven–If there’s such a thing!  After the performances, the runway and soundstage was turned into a big dance floor; were the female models posed with a row of men in muscle shirt. This baffled me but oh well.

In addition to performances by Gloria Gaynor and Martha Wash, some other notable guests included– Joan Rivers (So bummed I missed her), Tory Burch, Katie Lee, Preston Bailey’s Partner Theo Blackman, among others. To say this party was superb is understatement because it was truly spectacular.

Check out the nights images after the cut including models in skimpy underwear.  And, see a video of the night performances click here.


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