May 24, 2018

Hot! First Look: KM Collective Fall 2013

Take a peek at KM Collective‘s Fall 2013 lookbook, featuring designs from new comer Kim Mesches, who explained the collection was inspired by  “Genesis” a print from artist Arnold Mesches.  The print and its fast moving motifs and intricate details moved Kim design the collection.  “Human interaction, movement, the people who populate them, give life to the cities.  Connecting the pulse of the city with the anatomy of humans populating them, is where I found the true inspiration,” said Kim.   “I expanded with this idea, coming up with silhouettes to match elements of the human body.  The way the fabric is ruched reflects a muscle structure of a forearm.  The stiffness of fabric representing the skeleton keeping us all upright.  The literal color of blood.  I love the idea of mixing something so organic mixed with something we built over time, and how it itself has taken on a life of its own.

The resulting collection, a juxtaposition of rock and roll with a feminine charm, has won us over. While we are add it can we have those leggins… like now?

Here’s the lookbook


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